About My Profit Kitchen

Hey there! I’m Stu Robertson.

My Profit Kitchen and I are all about helping you maximise your restaurant or cafe profits so that you can have the business you always dreamed of and deserve.

By day, through my company, Mean Business, I consult to the hospitality industry. I help my clients drive profitability through better marketing, and operational efficiencies  . . . essentially maximising their money coming in and minimising the money going out.

My experience supporting these clients has provided me with three universal truths:

  1. There are a huge number of factors influencing restaurant profitability. That means there are plenty of ways to lose money, but also, a lot of things that can be done to improve profitability: food costs, rosters, menu strategy and marketing, just to name a few.
  2. You have to know your numbers! You need to know how every dollar is coming in and where every dollar is going out.
  3. When it comes to profit there is no silver bullet; instead maximum profitability comes from the aggregation of incremental gains. –Read that line again; it’s important!

These truths and the work I have done with my clients has helped me develop and refine a comprehensive tool kit which, when applied to a hospitality business, can transform its profitability significantly.

As a restaurant entrepreneur you will already know some of these things, but sometimes having that person, sitting outside your business, can be all you need to put the knowledge you already have into action.

So, look out for my weekly (or thereabouts) blog posts, or better still subscribe. We’ll cover different topic relating to improving your profit. And if you haven’t already, subscribe so that they are delivered directly into you inbox, hot off the press. 

Lastly, please do contact me with any questions or feedback. I want to ensure I’m creating content that is most relevant to my audience and is truly providing you with a return on the time you are putting into reading my posts.

A bit about me…

I live at Piha, a spectacular surf beach on the beautiful west coast of Auckland, New Zealand, with my wife Renay and dog Meg. Renay runs her own successful business and Meg invests a lot of her own time sleeping at my feet while I work.

I’ve spent a long time in business, initially as a corporate marketer, before finding my way into the hospitality industry as the General Manager of an award winning restaurant group owned by celebrated chef Al Brown. Helping Al grow this business was a career highlight for me, and the challenge of ensuring the profitability and viability of the business was something I relished.

Since then I’ve been consulting to the hospitality industry, working with over 100 food retailers; from small start-ups, to large publicly listed groups and franchises and the owners of hospitality precincts. No matter what their size, situation or where they are in their restaurant’s lifecycle, they all face pretty similar challenges and for each, the same basic principals of business apply. 

I’m the one on the left . . .